Lead Magnets 101:

Everything you need to create magnetic freebies + grow your list  

Ready to grow your list?

All that traffic your website is getting? Don’t waste it – make sure you’re capturing email addresses and building your list of subscribers.

Whether you’re a newbie and wondering “what the heck is a lead magnet,” or you’ve got an idea for one but don’t know how to get your landing page and opt-in forms set up, OR you’re looking to make your current freebies even more tantalizing...

…I’ve got you covered!


What's Inside

The Lead Magnets 101 guide walks you through both coming up with a great freebie offer and getting the logistics set up to make sure your lead magnet gets into the hands of as many ideal clients as possible.


What Are Lead Magnets?

"Freebies" ... "opt-ins"... find out what counts as a freebie (there are more options than you think!) plus the key to success.


Why Lead Magnets are Important 

Nowadays most businesses know it's important to having a mailing list, but how do you build one? How do you ensure you attract the right people?


Collecting Email Addresses

Find out what to ask and where to collect email addresses for your list. We walk through the best options and placements for your opt-in offer, including examples of effective layouts for landing pages.


Logistics & Set-up

This is often the most intimidating part, but don't fret! You'll learn the 6 things you need for a successful lead magnet, along with a complete list of options and service providers for every budget and level of tech know-how.


Privacy Policy & Awareness of Anti-Spam Laws

While this section does not constitute legal advice, it's still important to be aware of the relevant laws. I don't want you to cut corners and pay for it later!


25+ Magnetic Freebie Ideas

No idea what kind of lead magnet to create? I've included a sample list so you’re never stuck for ideas.


How to Create a Lead Magnet Your Tribe Will Love

Time to start creating! Part 7 includes prompts and tips to help you choose and build a freebie your community will love.


Selling Your Freebie

Yes, you ARE still selling this, even though it’s free! You need to convince a prospective client to hand over their email address. Find out how to do so in Part 8.


Lead Magnets Check List 

As a bonus you'll get a 2-page check list to use as you walk through the creation and set-up of your lead magnet.

When you give immense value for free, through vehicles like your blog, social media, email and, of course, lead magnets; you’re giving your tribe a taste of how you go above and beyond for every customer.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Danielle Zeigler,  

And I’m here to tell you it IS possible to tackle your marketing with authenticity, grace and ease, and still get results.  

In fact, I’m on a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs harness their strengths, personality, and energy to grow responsive, thriving tribes of exactly their right people.

When you focus on consistent, long-term strategies rather than superficial hacks, you can build sustainable growth towards the success you dream of. 

And that means you get to make a REAL IMPACT on the people you care about.

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