SEO for Solopreneurs

Transform your lagging web traffic into a client-attracting, cash-generating machine

Picture this: more customers & pre-qualified leads coming to you while you're spending less time on marketing and more time delivering your amazing services.

That’s what a strong SEO foundation can do for your business. (Less networking, hustling, cold calling, pitching…? Yes please!)  

You’re driven and ambitious Your work is distinctive + you deliver with all of your heart But some days building a sustainable business feels so hard  

Do you ever feel like...

No one’s finding you online – all that time and effort updating your website feels wasted… if only you could get more eyes on your website you’d have more subscribers, more clients and more cash

Your competitors are showing up in search results instead of you or your business doesn't exist on Google Maps?

You have to pretend to be someone else – you can’t stand flagrant self-promotion, but everyone else seems to be doing it… does marketing have to be this way? 

You’re sick of patching together free “hacks” from different people because nothing seems to work and you just don’t know who to follow anymore. 

You know you could move forward and take your business to new heights, if only you knew HOW to stand out and be heard in such a crowded online world.  

Here’s the good – no, AMAZING – news:  

Your dream clients are already looking for you!  

60,000+ Google searches are performed every single second* - people are already looking for a product, service, experience or solution exactly like yours. 

Why not meet your dream clients where they’re already looking and help them find YOU in search results?

I believe you deserve to stand out online You are unique and I want you to make the IMPACT you know you can make on the people you care about most.  

So, how do you unlock traffic growth and attract clients to you?

Using SEO {search engine optimization} the right way  

“Hold up! Don’t I have to be a tech maverick to understand SEO? Isn’t it too complex, too techie, too huge and, frankly, boring?” I hear you.  

It can appear that way at first … There are so many self-proclaimed marketing “experts” who overwhelm you with complicated jargon and weird-sounding statistics. 

Expensive "SEO gurus" might promise you the #1 spot, and fast, but many end up using "black hat" SEO tricks that could get you penalized by Google later. (I've cleaned up sooooo many of these messes from elite SEO experts.) 

But you can skip the headaches and huge investment, because… Guess what?  

Danielle Zeigler SEO Specialist

There are no special, secret hacks when it comes to SEO.  

Getting found in search engine results is not mysterious voodoo magic for only the chosen few.  

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to understand and implement the basics of SEO.  

With my simple, clear-cut steps, you can increase and improve your traffic, without resorting to sleazy tactics or having to scream about yourself from the rooftops.  

I’ve coached dozens of business owners, since 2010, to grow their businesses using SEO – and I’ve been booked solid! Now it’s time for me to help YOU.  

No intimidating jargon or fluff – just pain-free, actionable tweaks to help you get found by your specific ideal clients 

Introducing: SEO for Solopreneurs

Ready to focus on sustainable, long-term growth

With SEO for Solopreneurs you’ll learn how to implement the vital, yet simple SEO strategies on your own website 6 short weeks.  

(P.S. I cover both WordPress & Squarespace!)  

From these same methods, my clients have tripled their website traffic (we’re talking thousands of new visitors per month), secured writing deals with major national companies and earned additional 5-figure incomes from clients who found them through Google.  

SEO for Solopreneurs Simple, organic SEO to grow your business Get found, grow traffic & gain clients  


"Danielle's SEO course is fabulous! It's broken down into easily-doable sections, which was great if I only had 15 or 20 mins to listen at a time. The downloadable sheets are also handy for referring back to in the coming months. 

After completing the course, I was able to sit down in an afternoon and knock out my keyword list, write my page titles, and modify my content. My understanding of on-page SEO strategy, mindset, and basic terminology is so much clearer now! 

I'm excited to track my results when my new site launches, and I'm confident that I'll be able to make adjustments to improve my ranking based on what I learned in the course.”  

- Jennifer Lyker, Wordpress designer & developer, Inksplash Designs  

YES – I’m ready to AMPLIFY my business!


SEO for Solopreneurs is SO SO good!! 

I was really excited to learn more about SEO - as a web designer I want to ensure I’m setting up my clients sites for success and now I’m excited to offer my clients foundational SEO help. Plus have a resource to send them to if they’re looking to dive deeper into SEO (and an expert I can bring in for bigger projects).”

— Rachelle Demoskoff, Website & graphic designer, 86th & Trend  

Designer Review of SEO Course

Here’s what you get with SEO for Solopreneurs:

Six short video lessons (~15 minutes each max). You won’t have hours and hours of long, tedious videos to slog through, I get straight to the action.

Downloadable cheat sheets & checklists, including audience clarity, SEO audit, keywords, writing tips, tracking spreadsheet…

Action items each week to keep you motivated & the learning hands-on.

Immediate access to the whole course with content strategy built-in!

  • Tools Library with all resources in one place
  • Access to future updates 
  • WordPress + Squarespace implementation tutorials
  • Accountability with completion-only bonuses  

The right tools to finally get your website to work for you + know what SEO experts are talking about if you decided to hire one.

More time & energy to be in your zone-of-genius – implementation takes just 1-2 hours per week max.

More money: increased traffic targeted to your exact offerings = more ideal clients

More strategic and streamlined marketing with less stress and overwhelm.


"Danielle is my SEO secret weapon! She’s hands down one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made for my business. 

I'm consistently ranked in the top spots and more of the right people find my site because of Danielle's SEO. In fact, 80% of these organic search leads re-enroll for more than one program! It's a vital piece of my marketing.”  

- Dr. Danielle Dowling, Life Coach + Psychologist  

You know getting the right kind of traffic is important – everyone, including you, “Googles it” these days.

Just look at the stats:

81% of consumers conduct online purchase research
78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases
90% B2B research business purchases online first
82% of marketers say SEO effectiveness on the rise

The right SEO + content strategy can make your ideal clients feel like they’ve stumbled upon something wonderful – someone who understands them, their desires, frustrations and needs.  

Not by using slimy tricks or bait & switch, but with carefully considered content that’s exactly what they’re looking for (+ telling Google how to find the best solutions on YOUR site).  

It’s a win-win because you get to serve your best, zone-of-genius content while your dream clients discover for themselves how passionate and helpful you are.  

Your ideal clients choose YOU – it’s their decision and not force-fed.  

That’s the beauty of SEO.  

What type of business needs SEO?

Bricks & mortar enterprises

Digital / online businesses

Business to business markets

Business to consumer sectors  

Coaches, agencies, store owners, doctors, spa owners, yogis, designers, stylists, photographers, bloggers, dance studio owners, lawyers, carpenters, realtors, app creators…  

Whatever your entrepreneurial persuasion, optimizing your website brings more customers to you.  

Psst....this is why it suits introverts so well!

one size fits all

SEO for Solopreneurs is NOT a "one size fits all" program

I've deliberately designed SEO for Solopreneurs to ask the right questions to prompt the right answers for YOUR unique business. 

There are some foundational SEO elements we all need to know + implement, but the real sweet-spot is in the HOW, WHAT and the WHY - digging into the WAY your ideal clients are searching online. 

Helping you figure out those driving forces (while you're learning how to update and optimize your own site) - that's my purpose.

“I’m so happy I invested in having Danielle work on my SEO and online marketing! 

In a short time, I’ve seen my website traffic grow exponentially and it continues to gain momentum with Danielle’s help.”  

- Kristin Imber, Wellness + Body Image Coach  

Your ideal clients are ALREADY searching. Help them find YOU.

By investing in SEO, you’re investing in finding the people who need what you have to offer . . . making it all the more likely that they’ll invest in you.  


“With Danielle's help, my site was consistently in the top 3 searches for local Vail Colorado therapists.  

I saw results quickly that drew more clients to my website through her awesome SEO work. My business is growing and clients report how easy it is to find me online ”

- Jessica Heaney, Relationship Counselor + Therapist  

Ready to get on top of your inbound traffic strategy? 

Here’s the course breakdown… 


What, Why, How and When {+ Rethinking Goals}

SEO isn't a marketing “tactic,” and the goal isn't to “trick Google” into ranking you first. We'll cover the real goals of search engine optimization:

  •  What is SEO & why is it important? 
  •  When to optimize your website & blog 
  •  How it works – search engine listings + DIY vs Hiring 
  •  Rethinking SEO Goals  


All About Keywords {+ How to use them}

Learn how to better reach your target audience by researching and integrating the right keywords into your website. We'll dig deep into the strategy + cover a variety of tools to make your life easier:

  • Define your target audience in detail 
  • How to come up with & find the ideal keywords for your targeted traffic 
  • Where to put your keywords and where NOT to put them + best practices 
  • Free tools to figure out the best keywords to help your business stand out from the competition + help you figure out how to rank higher in search engines  


On-page Signals {Where the Magic Happens}

What's a title tag? What's a meta description? Which are ACTUALLY going to make a difference? Learn the top on-page signals + how to update them effectively:

  • Discover the top cues which help Google interpret and rank each page  
  • How to use the 3 essential types of on-page tags + the vital meta-description for your pages and posts 
  • What kind of content terms will serve your business best? 
  • How to update these elements in both WordPress and Squarespace  


Optimizing Images {How to Keep Readers on Your Page}  

Images are one of the most often forgotten aspects of SEO. Learn the best tips that just may boost you above your competition:

  • Why optimize + user experience 
  • How to optimize, SEO-friendly names & tools for resizing & compressing  
  • Little-known strategy for location-based / bricks & mortar companies 
  • Best practices – what you need to do during & after uploading images  


How to Create Killer Content Your Audience Wants  

Find out how to update + create stellar content which search engines and your audience both love:

  • How to develop a blogging strategy which increases your client intake 
  • What kinds of topics help you stand out as your ideal client’s go-to expert 
  • Strategic writing tips to increase your visibility, credibility & shareability 
  • What you should check & change when updating old posts to optimize them  


Tracking Your Results  

Don't be intimidated by all the data and complicated terms. Tracking results can help you continue to refine your SEO efforts.

  • Avoiding analytical overwhelm 
  • Free tracking tools & how to use them 
  • What kinds of results you should be tracking + what you can ignore  
  • Understanding the main SEO tracking terms, so you’re not confounded or deceived when you outsource  


SEO your website - immediate access  


SEO for Solopreneurs IS for you, if you...

SEO for Solopreneurs is NOT for you, if you...

  • Have a website you (or your assistant) can update. 
  • Are a business owner, solopreneur, or creative entrepreneur. 
  • Have a blog (or you plan to start a blog).  
  • Can dedicate 1-2 hours per week, for six weeks (or 1-2 days) to implement the training.  
  • Are looking for sustainable, organic growth in quality website traffic.  
  • Want to pre-qualify your traffic, so leads are warmer and conversions higher.
  • Don’t want to (or plan to) blog. 
  • Looking for quick fixes or overnight success. 
  • Plan to trick Google (with Black Hat SEO). 
  • Want to skip the work and jump into 1st place in Google – patience is required as results can typically take weeks / 3-6 months.  
  • Already have an SEO-whizz on staff.  


“In my first 4 months of working with her, she helped me increase my organic search traffic 13.79% for my RD site and 65.49% for my blog. ”  

- Lindsay L., Lean Green Bean Blogger + RD  

“Danielle has been a great help to me in improving the SEO of both my blog and professional website. 

My professional website has seen a 100% increase in organic searches thanks to the changes she has made!”  

- Anne M., FANNEtastic Food Blogger + RD  

“Within a month my site traffic doubled and my organic site traffic was up too

I had more clients finding me through search, and I finally feel like my site is working for me. I will continue working with Danielle and can’t recommend her enough!”  

- Katie Bressack , Women’s Nutrition and Wellness Coach  

Boost your sales organically while you sleep.


Is SEO for Solopreneurs is right for you? Read the FAQs... 

Q: What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s an organic, long-term marketing strategy that helps your business get discovered online. Done right, it can: - Grow your website traffic and improve the quality of your traffic - Pre-qualify leads, meaning warmer prospects + higher conversions - Help you build an engaged audience of fans, readers, and ideal clients.  

You won’t be paying for ads or keywords - that’s called search engine marketing (SEM). Instead of interrupting prospective customers, with SEO you’re empowering them to make their own choices. SEO pays off over time and continues to build, as opposed to short-term paid advertising campaigns.  

Q: I’m not at all techie, won’t I get stuck? How much time do I need to complete SEO for Solopreneurs?

This is a tech-anxiety-free zone! I keep things simple and step-by-step. This isn’t a course on advanced SEO – it’s not complicated. It may feel a bit foreign at first, but I give you short 15-minute video tutorials + strategic easy-to-follow workbooks + one-page cheat sheets & checklists to keep you on track. You can also email me at any time if you get stuck.  

There are no hour-long theory videos to drag yourself through! SEO for Solopreneurs is designed for non-techie action-takers, like you, who want to get on with implementing and seeing results.  

And once you’ve learned basics, you won’t get fleeced by condescending SEO salesmen, if or when you decide to outsource!  

Q: Why is the investment for SEO for Solopreneurs $997? 

Is this an investment in yourself and your business? Of course. One of the most amazing things about SEO done right, is that it's the gift that keeps on giving. A well-optimized site continues to build momentum over time: more of the right traffic, more pre-qualified leads, more conversions and more dream clients & customers, day after day, month after month, year after year

My 1:1 SEO services start at $5,000+ but with SEO for Solopreneurs, you can get started right away and get your foundational SEO in place for a fraction of that price, and experience those results within the first few months & beyond. Plus, you've got a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee. I've carefully structured SEO for Solopreneurs to help you make big, strategic wins as you optimze your site and business.

The strategies I teach are the same methods my clients have used to triple their website traffic (thousands of new visitors per month), secure writing deals with major national companies and earn additional 5-figure incomes from clients who found them through Google.

Q: How fast will I get results? 

Results depend on a number of factors: your search terms, niche, competition in your sector, how long your website & blog have been online. So, initial results can take a few weeks to around 3 - 6 months. This is a long-term, organic marketing strategy that pays off over time and continues to build, as opposed to short-term paid advertising campaigns. 

Marketing agencies across the US agree that SEO provides the best ROI compared to any other marketing activity. And SEO for Solopreneurs is designed for action-takers who love implemtation. The sooner you start optimizing your website and business, the sooner you'll see results.  

Q: Will SEO get me onto page 1 of Google? 

No one can guarantee the #1 spot, even with ads - organic traffic is called "organic" for a reason - it evolves over time (so the sooner you start the better!). I teach you how to think about the WHY behind what your ideal clients are searching for + HOW to provide the answers & solutions your dream customers are searching for (and let Google know).

Q: I have a Squarespace site, is this for me?  

Yes! Sometimes it feels like SEO advice only covers WordPress. Not here, I cover Squarespace and I know both WordPress and Squarespace intimately – just don’t tell my other half! ;)  

Q: I already have a lot of traffic; do I need SEO for Solopreneurs? 

If it’s the right type of traffic and you’re receiving the kinds of client sales, enquiries and year-on-year growth you want, that’s great – you’ve got it cracked! 

If you’ve got a high volume of traffic, but it’s not converting, then SEO can help you pull in traffic that’s targeted to your specific ideal clients.  

Q: I don’t sell online – I’m a bricks & mortar business. What can SEO do for me? 

SEO is vital for “local” businesses.  

When you look at how people are using the internet, especially with smartphones becoming ubiquitous… And you see how search engines customize results to each user (including where they happen to be at that moment in time), then SEO is an absolute game changer for bricks & mortar businesses – cafes, restaurants, dance & yoga studios, theaters, spas & fitness centers, realtors, agencies, event venues, surgeries, stores of all kinds, etc.  

The results speak for themselves: 

  • 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases* 
  • 86% look up the location of a business on Google Maps 
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local*  

Q: Do I need to have a blog before enrolling?  

Yes and no... Content strategy is a vital part of SEO, so if you don't want to ever start a blog, then this program probably isn't for you. Creating content is covered in only one of the six modules, so you'll still get any benefits from the course, but to truly witness major results, you need to start blogging, even if it's just once a month.

If you DO plan to start blogging or you already have a blog, then SEO for Solopreneurs will show you how to develop a content strategy that makes planning blog topics much easier + I show you how to create content that's engaging, shareable and what your dream clients are (already) searching for.

Q: Is SEO really that necessary? What about other forms of marketing? 

How many times a day do you “Google it?” And how natural is that to you? 3.8 billion searches are performed on Google every single day. And it’s growing rapidly as more people get online.  

Every business is unique and requires refined, strategic plans. At the end of the day, we need to integrate a multi-channel approach to our marketing efforts. You may be raking it in with Facebook Ads, but more and more people are blocking ads too – 6.2 million devices, to be exact. 

SEO is often the last piece of the marketing puzzle that’s left on the table. It feels difficult, foreign – but it shouldn’t be that way! That’s why I’ve created this program. SEO is a vital tool because Google puts content first – and the websites which make it easier for search engines to digest their content get placed towards the top of the pile

You’d be shocked at how many of your competitors haven’t even considered SEO as a strategy!  

Q: I have a VA / I outsource my website management; can I buy this for my assistant?  

Yes – the purchase covers one person so, if you want your assistant to learn and implement your SEO, then you can buy SEO for Solopreneurs and gift it to one person. We’ll need their email address as they will access the materials - please contact us to arrange.  

Q: Didn’t my web designer do my SEO? 

Some designers or developers may include making your site SEO-friendly, but most concentrate on the design and layout of your site. They may create a sitemap, but that’s not enough! There are vital and ongoing content-related tasks which need doing.  

Q: What happens after I buy? How is the course delivered? 

After purchase you'll be asked to set up a username and password on Teachable, where the course is delivered - that's means instant access to the whole course. Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete it in 1 sitting! You’ll also receive a welcome email from me, telling you how to access the course. I email you twice a week, over the following 3 weeks, to help you complete all 6 modules. And accountability is built in with a completion-only bonus.  

What happens if I don’t receive the email? Check your promotions, updates &/or spam folders. Search your inbox for the sender: No joy? Email me & my team - we're here to help you.  

Q: What’s your refund policy? 

You’ve got a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee. That means if you hate the program, can’t stand my voice or your website spontaneously combusts, no need to make up any weird excuses, simply email me within 30 days of your payment and, voila, refund granted.  

Any more questions? Don't hesitate to email me & my team: 

Discover how to optimize your website and help your business thrive.  

  • The Real SEO Goal + What, Why & When
  • Target Your Audience With Keywords
  • On-page Signals + How & Where to Update Your Site
  • Optimizing Images & User Experience
  • Develop a Killer Content Strategy + Easier Blogging
  • Discover How to Track Your Traffic & Results
  • Email Support from me and my team
  • Purposefully Designed for Your Unique Business
  • Action Items, Implementation & Downloads
  • Completion Bonuses for Accountability
SEO course review by Danielle Joseph

SEO for Solopreneurs was honestly sooo good. I loved how straightforward it was. I didn’t feel overwhelmed once

I made a list of the tasks I needed to do and I’m getting Sarah my VA to help me implement. It was so beneficial and I learned so much. Also really loved how you specifically called out WordPress and Squarespace - SO GOOD. My clients are always looking for some SEO help and I always send ’em to you!” 

- Danielle Joseph, Function Creative Co  

About your SEO teacher...

Hi, I’m Danielle Zeigler,  

and I’m an SEO specialist + digital marketing strategist with over 10 years experience in SEO. I’m here to tell you it IS possible to tackle your marketing with authenticity, grace and ease, and still get results.  

In fact, I’m on a mission to help ambitious, passionate + dedicated entrepreneurs harness their strengths, personality, and energy to grow responsive, thriving communities of exactly their right people.  

Time and time again, I find that SEO is the missing marketing link for so many business owners.  

Look, the truth is - superficial hacks just don’t work. And paying for ads is a short-term gain. By taking simple, strategic actions using #SEOwithSoul, you can create big, traffic-boosting wins – so you can STAND OUT (without selling out) in a crowded online space.  

Search engines LOVE an optimized website, and SEO for Solopreneurs will teach you how to build a strong foundation that attracts more of your ideal clients to you month after month.  

And that means you get to make a REAL IMPACT on the people you care about.